MCL is a time machine

Masters Cricket League is this or that. If is flop or success, but I believe it is a type of time machine, which makes my way back to my childhood.


Yesterday MCL started with a fantastic opening ceremony featuring many performers along with super stars i-e masters of #Cricket for long. Oh my God I could see Viru, Saqi, Murali, Sanga, Rana of Arabains on ground at one time. It is miracle which is being made possible by GM Sports, & UAE cricket Board.

I was thinking and it is kind of dream but suddenly I woke up and felt that it is real. Viru and Levi are opening the innings, and Viru is facing the ball and he can hit first ball of MCL 2016 out of the park with some ease. His quick burst Gemini Arabians a booster, which was capitalized by Levi and Great Sanga. Sanga came after a flop BBL05, but he looked different on day one of MCL 2020, which is very good thing for Arabians. On the other hand Libra Legend were remain off colour, first when they were bowling & fielding that with the bat. But I can’t blame on their poor batting but this happened due to some quality bowling. I mean if you have Mills, Onions, Rana Naveed, Mural, Saqlain, and Kemp to bowl only 20 overs. You need to bat well till the end.

I believe MCL 2020 gonna achieve many milestones in coming days.


Writer is a freelance sports journalists do follow him on Twitter @hsohu

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