Haier T20 Cup 2015

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) finally unveiled the trophy of their Domestic T20 event after a week long dispute with Karachi City Cricket Association (KCCA) on new structure of Domestic Tournaments (It is changed third time in last four years). They (PCB) launched the Cool & Cool presents Haier T-20 Cup 2015-16 with great fanfare at the Pindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi.

The qualifying round of the event commences on Sept. 1 and runs up to Sept. 5, 2015. Eight Teams will participate in qualifying round. The Winner of both semi-finals of qualifying round shall make it to the main round.

Twelve teams will contest for Cool & Cool Presents Haier Mobile T20 CUP 2015-2016 in the main tournament. The main tournament will commence on Sept. 8 and its semifinals will be played on Sept 14 and the final will take place on Sept. 15.

Interestingly this year PCB changed names of their all regional teams, which was used to be ended with an animal name just like Lahore Lions, Karachi Dolphins, Sialkot Stallions, Faisalabad Wolves and so on. But not for this year, this year these teams are named as Karachi Whites, Karachi Blues, Lahore Whites, Lahore Blues and other regional teams will go with their region name. One thing which attracts me is prefixes of team names, this year they are also called with their sponsors’ name follow this

Team Sponsors:

  1. J.Junaid Jamshed Karachi Blues
  2. Brighto Paints Lahore Blues
  3. Mughal Steel Larkana
  4. J. Junaid Jamshed Quetta
  5. Golden Pearl Cosmetics AJK
  6. Golden Pearl Cosmetics DMJ
  7. Haier Mobile FATA
  8. Brighto Paints Bahawalpur

I hope you all will face some difficulty to recognize teams and players, more interestingly what will be their kits as name suggests us Lahore Whites & Karachi Whites. What they both teams will wear a kit an interesting question, which will be sorted soon. PTV Sports a national sports channel will telecast event live and exclusively.

Hamadullah Sohu is a Freelance Sports Journalist

Do Follow Him on Twitter @hsohu

This article published on Independent Sports Journalists


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