Ramadan, Cricket and Pakistan, Galli cricket & life.

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Ramadan is holy month of Islam in which people fast whole day, but being Pakistani one can not miss the charm of cricket in Ramadan.

Gali cricket (You might have heard this before) is the cricket which started from streets (galis) of Pakistan, the quality of Gali cricket is that;

  • No wickets but bricks, tires and chair.
  • No umpire but wicket keeper is an umpire.
  • No 2 runs but if ball hits specific place its 2 runs.
  • No leg or off just straight.

You must be thinking the writer is fooling around, how come he is relating Ramadan with Gali cricket, well then let me tell you, being Pakistani I do not wake up for sehri only in the morning but cricket too.

That time;

  • When there is no traffic roads become stadiums,
  • When there is no audience, Bachas (kids) of Galis (streets) become our supporters,
  • When there are no…

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