Bangladesh Premier League franchises face tax issues

  • The National Board of Revenue in Bangladesh has frozen the bank accounts of Shihab Trading Company, the firm that bought the ticket-selling rights for the inaugural edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and owns one of the league’s franchises, the Dhaka Gladiators.
  • “We have asked our officials to attach, or freeze, all bank accounts of Shihab Trading Company after they failed to pay us any of the tax levied on the BPL’s ticket sales,” Kanon Kumar Roy, director general of Directorate of Inspection (Taxes), said. “We asked them to pay 5% of all ticket sales, which amounted to Tk 2.25 crore [$275,000 approx]. They insisted it was Tk 2.16 crore [$265,000 approx], but they haven’t paid any money as tax.”
  • In response, Shihab Trading Company chairman Salim Chowdhury told Ekattor TV: “I think there has been a miscommunication. The tickets that we gave to the BCB [to distribute] are worth Tk 20-22 crore, so those tickets can’t be taxed.”
  • Also, Roy said, till now, only one out of the six BPL franchises have met tax requirements. “One franchise [unnamed] has been forthcoming, but the rest haven’t followed their lead.”




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