How much more Tendulkar now???

When I was one years old, The man from India came in to cricket called Little Maaster Sachin Tendulkar, I grew up did graduation & now doing job but the man from India is playing still as he started in 1988, I can not believe,

  But I must say he did amzing job for India, but its      time for him to retire & vacant the place for youngeters who can be the future of India for next 24 years like him.

Now Little master should quite his career on the mark of 99 tons in International cricket. It will make him a proud man, Why he is wasting his worth by playing again & again for India for the sake of 100 ton,

Please Tendulkar now don’t be selfish as ” he did all the time his ton means India Loose “ It is not I am saying but every person around the world is saying that wehenever tendulkar made ton India loose their match, not with India when he made a ton in IPL for Mumbai Indians, again MI lost that match badly.

My question is How much more Tendulkar Now??

  “No doubt he is a great player ever born in India”


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